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What Happens When a Purse Designer Meets a Fabric Designer!

A little while back, I made a trip to NYC for the Serenity Project Opening and I met Melanie Testa, fellow crafter/artist and a fabric designer (insert OMG emoji!!!). What was even cooler, she designs quilting fabrics, which is mostly what I use! So after a second meeting in NYC for the Ana Ono X Cancerland NYFW show where we talked about working on something together, magic soon happened!

Marianne Duquette Cuozzo, Melanie Testa and Heidi Kelly at The Dangerous Ones NYFW
Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo, Melanie Testa and Me! Stay tuned, because I will also be working with Marianne soon! Can’t wait to share that!

Melanie graduated from FIT in 1999 and has written 3 books and put out a DVD! You can check her out on her website, She is also a breast cancer survivor and advocate, in particular for breast cancer patients who choose to go flat. Melanie’s fabrics will be available through RJR Fabrics. I’ll get more into Melanie and her inspirations and more in a later post!

Melanie Testa Fabric Bag in progress1a

So a few weeks back Melanie sent me the images of her fabric asking me to go through them and pick out which ones I wanted. We decided, I was going to design a unique bag showcasing several of her fabrics. Now, you know I love mixing and matching so this is an awesome opportunity to have fun!

The fabrics have made it to my studio and I have started to put something together! In a future post I will be posting finished pictures and talk a little bit more about Melanie and her fabrics!

We are just showing a sneak peak! When the fabrics are released and the bag is done you will get to see much more!






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