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AnaOno X Cancerland NYFW Fashion Show (Part 1)

The AnaOno X Cancerland NYFW fashion show, The Dangerous Ones was this past weekend and it easily was the most emotional, empowering and feel good show of the year! The show was all to benefit METAvivor and Cancerland!

Not only did I get to see it, but I got to help behind the scenes, donate unique HKelly designs’ Change Purses and sit in the photographers’ pit to film the entire show for Cancerland.

I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I was speechless. No words I can write can ever say what I was feeling, but I am trying to do my best.

As a business owner I was thrilled to be able to donate my Change Purses for the VIP’s and models as well as giving coupons to many other guests. The models were so excited to get them, they even sent in pics of themselves with the Change Purses. Thanks Leslie, Chiara, Jersey, Jenn, Kimberlee, Maggie, Candice, Jamie Lee, Megan, Rhayne, Kiku, Stori and Molly!


So, anyway, back to the show…

Volunteers, which I was, showed up by about 9:30 at the Angel Orensanz building for the Art Hearts Fashion event. The AnaOno X Cancerland, The Dangerous Ones show was the first of the day. We went straight to work getting the goodie bags out and filled including my change purses and coupons and so many other goodies from sponsors and donors like Manic Panic, FedEx, CannaCosmetics, Beth Collins, M.D., Melly Testa, Fighting Pretty and many more.

File Feb 15, 4 31 39 PM

After the bags and seats were all arranged, I went down to hair and makeup to get some behind the scenes photos of the models. These amazing, beautiful women were getting even more beautiful and even getting some body painting done by my friend, Marianne Duquette Cuozzo, with sayings like #Cancerland and I am Whole.


Every one of the models are breast cancer survivors, thrivers or pre-vivors and a lot of the volunteers were as well. It was a magical time of women, many who had never met each other before, coming together for an amazing cause and feel like we had known each other for years, at least that’s the way I felt.


So, just before the show was going to begin, I was able to get a primo spot for the show. I was live streaming the show on Cancerland’s Facebook page. I was able to sit right in the very front of the photographers’ pit at the front of the stage. In my next blog I’ll post more about the event and the feelings, emotions and excitement of the AnaOno X Cancerland NYFW Fashion Show!


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