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A Mother & Daughter Favorite Skirt Renewed

I get all kinds of different requests for custom handbags.

Right before the holidays a client came to me to ask if I could take her mother’s favorite skirt and turn it into a bag for her mother and sister.

Back story… My client’s mother and older sister used to wear matching outfits for special occasions. And these outfits were handmade! (That makes me really excited.) Her mother saved one of her favorite skirts, maybe hoping one day she would come up with something else to do with it. Unfortunately, it was made of wool so eventually it became a little moth eaten. Then, my client came across it and thought about doing something with it for her mom and sister. After getting permission, she sent the skirt to me.

mother and daughter skirt

After I received the skirt and talked with my client we started talking design. She really loved my XO line of bags so she wondered if I could include it in them in the designs. After a little back and forth (and a couple really rough sketches!!) we came up with 2 great designs. A handbag for her mother and small wristlet for her sister.

custom handbags created from mother daughter outfit

Now, a wonderful memory of a skirt, a mother and daughter closeness and love are all combined into something that can be worn again. Something that no longer sits in a closet, but is out in the world again. And a mother and daughter can now wear their amazing memories again.

Do you have a very special something that you want turned into a handbag? Email me and we’ll talk!


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