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Helping METAvivor In a Different Way

I’m so excited to announce, the new METAvivor HKelly designs bags.

I teamed up with METAvivor to create 2 fabrics. One is the Metavivor Ribbon and the other uses the Elephant in the Pink Room.

It all started when a friend asked me to donate a bag to her event, the SWFL Metsquerade Ball. I thought immediately of finding fabric with the MBC ribbon. I figured it wouldn’t be hard, knowing how many pink ribbon fabrics are out there. And to my surprise there was nothing, so I went straight to the source, METAvivor. I told them what I was trying to do and they helped me out. I designed the first fabric with the ribbon and really was just going to do the donated item and if I had anything left over I could always make some things other items to sell or donate.

The people at METAvivor liked the fabric so much they asked if I could do anything with their Elephant in the Pink Room. After some talking back and forth it was decided I would create licensed handbags using their images!! I was so excited. First, because I really want to help out METAvivor (who is also this year’s charity of choice for my other items). Second, it was my first time designing my own fabric. And third, I could design some bags that would really carry meaning from beginning to end and may help some of my friends.

elephant inthe pink room tote interior viewmetavivor change purse frontmetavivor makeup bag frontMetavivor Perfect Little Clutch

There are 4 bags available for purchase using the METAvivor fabrics. A little something for everyone! 10% of the sale price of each of these 4 bags will go to METAvivor and we can all continue to spread the word and work towards controlling and ending Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Show your support, love and generosity by purchasing your very own METAvivor HKelly designs bag or buy one for a gift for someone special.

I’m doing a special silent auction on my Facebook page for a sample that was a trial
run for the Elephant in the Pink Room Tote. To put your bid in click here.

Metavivor Elephant Sample


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