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The Perfect Handbag for Every Occasion

Originally published January of 2017

Let’s face it, size matters!

There is no one perfect handbag for every occasion! Some days you need a large bag and some days a small bag will do. Here are some perfect examples of when, where and what to wear!

When to wear totes

Big handbags (like our XOXO Tote) are great for:

  • Moms on the go
  • Business women who need to carry their workload (and maybe a change of outfit for drinks after!)
  • Travel (perfect for overnights or as carry-on bags for planes)

When is the best time for a medium sized bag

What I find works great, keep a small bag inside the large one for nights out or just to keep all your important stuff in easy reach.

Medium handbags (like my Messenger Bag) are perfect for:

  • Everyday
  • If you need to have everything but the kitchen sink at your finger tips
  • If you have young kids and need to keep toys or books for their entertainment

When to wear small handbags

Small handbags (like our Cross Body Bags and Perfect Clutch, Gemma) are great for:

  • Everyday
  • Keep the usual suspects with you (wallet, makeup, phone, change purse)
  • Even fit iPads or tablets

When to wear extra small bags

Extra Small Bags (like our Hands-Free Wristlet and Perfect Little Clutch) are great for:

  • Evenings out
  • Quick errands
  • To stick inside that big tote
  • If your health makes it difficult to carry a big, heavy bag
  • Even everyday (I use the Hands-Free Wristlet)

So I hope that helps you with your next handbag search! Remember, there is always something out there that will fit your needs and be sure to check out our fun & funky handbags!

I would love to hear about a special bag you wore for a special occasion (or not so special), tell me in the comments. Oh and don’t forget to pin the pics to help others!


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