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I Love and Hate October!

Originally written 10/29/15 and edited October 1, 2017.

October used to mean everything to me! It’s my birthday month (and I used to celebrate the whole month, just ask some friends and co-workers), it’s also full of beautifully colored trees and it just starts to get crisp yet still some warm days. But now it is the ultimate reminder of the worst thing that has happened to me. This is not a woe is me post, I’m just telling it like it is and then I’m done!

Heidi Kelly of HKelly designs

Fact: Being Stage 2, I have a 93% chance of living 5 years (pretty good I would say…), my metastatic sisters have a 22% chance of seeing 5 years. FIND A CURE, NOT BRING AWARENESS, WE ALL KNOW BREAST CANCER EXISTS!

FACT: I have known of way too many young women in the past few months who died from metastatic breast cancer.

Fact: I will probably have pain, if not all my life, for a very long time.

Fact: I will never feel like I am completely cured.

Fact: Hot pink is MY favorite color, it’s definitely not because of this stupid breast cancer. I’m taking pink back!!!!!!

Fact: I survived, Twice!

Fact: I changed, for the better!

Fact: I’m here to talk about it!

Fact: I am stronger!

Fact: I am going to celebrate being alive, this and every day!

Fact: HKelly designs loves to give back. This year I’m supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer and ONS Foundation. Visit HKelly designs today to help!

Being positive is hard, but it is the only thing I can do. If you know someone with any cancer, know that most of their struggle is going on internally and they won’t or can’t let you see it. Be there for them, don’t make them come to you, they won’t. Don’t pity them, treat them like normal people and love them. If you want to help, offer to drive them to treatments, send them a little note, it’s the little things that mean the most.


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