Philly Fashion Week

Last week I got to attend 2 events at Philly Fashion Week! So much fun and I got to see some friends show their collections and meet up with friends. So I thought I would share a little about it with you.

Philly Fashion Week Tent

First, last Monday, I went to the Style Gala which included current and former designers from Philadelphia Fashion Incubator. What was unique about this evening was all the designers had tables set up so they could show and sell there clothing right there at the show.

I was excited to see my friend, Annina Granate of Granate Couture. I absolutely adore her structural pieces and I was so excited to see some great colors in the show! Despite the weather being a little warm, I wore my cape designed by Granate Couture.

Heidi Kelly in Granate Couture and Jen Robinson at Philly Fashion Week

Thanks to Jennifer Robinson for the photo above, I was by myself so never got my own photo on Monday night.

Other designers were there who I know including Jovan O’Connor, who had some great pieces on the runway including a pair of amazing pants! Wish I could have gotten a better pic, but I love an amazing wide leg pant!

Jovan OConnor Pant Philly Fashion Week

And Victoria Wright (I won tickets to the show on Friday night from her) who showed her current fall line available in stores now. Loved her unique details for her dresses.

On Friday night was PFW The Tents at Dilworth Park Runway 1.

Victoria Wright showed her Spring/Summer line, which again, was beautiful. Structural, yet soft. Victoria also gave myself and my friend gift bags including a printed silk scarf besides our tickets for the show. Thanks again Victoria!! XOXO

Also, Steel Pony showed and I know Joanne, the designer, personally. Her clothes practically floated down the runway.

Then, there was a new designer I was introduced to that was so me, Love Cili. The clothes were fun, funky and colorful! I couldn’t get enough!

So there are some of the highlights of what I saw at Philly Fashion Week! It was my first time attending and I’m excited to go again! Maybe I’ll see you there next season!


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