Fashion Friday Christian Lacroix

Originally written 4/11/14

It all started with a black wedding dress…

ChristianLacroix Black Dress

…My obsession with one of the most creative designers had begun.

Christian Lacroix Store

In 1987 Christian Lacroix presented his first Haute Couture Collection and revolutionized the fashion world.  For many years, at 73, rue du Faubourg St. Honore, Paris, he wowed the fashion world with his amazing mixing and matching of colors and patterns never being afraid to go further!

But as all fashionistas know, there isn’t any money to be made in Haute Couture Christian Lacroix, the company, was sold in 2005. This was not the last we would here from Monsieur Lacroix, in fact, that is now the name he designs under.  He continued designing costumes for theatre and opera, interior designing for hotels, trains and even a movieplex. In 2011 he joined forces with Barcelona-based Desigual, who’s mixing and matching is very reminiscent of the Lacroix style. And in 2013, Christian was back to designing haute couture for Schiaparelli! When visiting Paris last year, number one on my list was finding Christian Lacroix. We found the boutique at 2 pl Saint Sulpice. Even came across the original store where you can just make out the name on the awning and finally in the Desigual stores!

me in christian Lacroix

P.S. Christian Lacroix has also appeared in the movies!  He was in Robert Altman’s Pret a Porter and The Last Shout (Absolutely Fabulous  movie)!


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