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Custom Designing Handbags

One of the most fulfilling things I do when I design handbags is creating custom bags. I love talking with a client and working on something that really means something to them. In the past I have done this with ties of a client’s fathers, creating bags from specific prints (from gnomes to dobermans to palm trees) and my latest bag created from a client’s son’s military jacket.

custom military army bag front cropped

Custom bags are so awesome because they are so personal. A client is entrusting me with something very personal to create something beautiful and personal.

Monogram leather custom bag

I always have that moment of hesitation when I am about to cut into something. Am I doing the right thing, have I triple checked the measurements because I can’t just order more, and whisper to myself “Don’t mess this up, don’t mess this up!”

Custom handbags really come to shape once I see the item or items. I get an idea of what kind of bag the client wants and then once the item is in my hands the real creation begins.

For example, the military bag I just finished. I talked with the client and she mentioned cross body style bags, but she also said she really loves a small clutch I made for her a while ago. So right away I was thinking of doing something that could have both. Once the jacket was in my hands the first thing I saw was the cuffs of the jacket and I knew they would be perfect for handles. The rest of the bag came together based on the size of the handles.

Once the bag is done there are always butterflies again, because now it’s time to show the finished product and the doubt sneaks back in. Are they going to love what I did or regret giving me something so personal? But in the end my clients are so excited and happy with their custom, one-of-a-kind handbag that no one in the world will have ¬†because it was created from something so personal to them.

Cupcake mini tote

(Custom Cupcake Mini Tote designed for a baker using images of her own desserts.)

In the end, custom handbags aren’t just another handbag, it’s creating something super personal for the client and gives them a new way to have a memory close to them.


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