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The ONS Foundation and HKelly designs

The other day I got a message from someone at the ONS Foundation (Oncology Nursing Society Foundation). It seems that while googling he found out that I had created the Nurse’s Helper Bag and was donating a portion of every sale to the ONS Foundation. Well, I was a little excited because it meant that my tagging and Google was working in my favor!! Yoohoo!

It turns out, he (Ben), was traveling in the area and wanted to know if we could meet and discuss what I was doing and how we could possibly work together and help each other! I was excited for the opportunity and agreed.

A few days ago we met for snacks before I had to run off to my tap class. We talked of all manner of things. It turns out we both have a love of dogs, he has whippets and one of my dogs is part whippet. We talked about life, music and so much more. I think we both felt more friends than business acquaintances by the end.

I told him about my story and about the Nurse’s Helper Bag story and he loved it. Thought the bags were a great way for nurses to show their personality and keep what they needed right there in their scrubs pocket.

After all nurses are awesome. They are there for you when you are sick. They are there for you when you are hurt. They are there for you when you are afraid. To see more about how I feel about my nurses check out my Huff Po article here.

University of Penn Nurses

Currently, I have 4 Nurse’s Helper Bags available on my site. But, as some of you know, I love custom. I’ve done paw prints for vet techs, flip flops and palm trees for the summer people and even solid faux leather. All you need to do is hit the Request a Custom Order link and we can talk about what you want for that special nurse in your life!

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And not only will you be doing something nice for that awesome nurse in your life, but you will be helping oncology nurses around the country. I donate $5 from every bag to the ONS Foundation.


PS. Don’t forget you have until August 27th to PRE-ORDER your t-shirt! All proceeds go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer! Click on the style you want to order yours.

4thcharity tshirt for Living Beyond Breast Cancer by Stori Nagel          unisex tshirt haus of volta breast cancer charity

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