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We are All Individuals

I say it time and time again, we are all individuals. There is a reason we look different, act different and feel differently. We are individuals.

beyou there is noone better

I was never one to follow the crowd. Sure growing up I wanted to look cool and dress cool, but I never wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing (except for some fun trends, but everyone has their own take on trends) and I never wanted to be like everyone else.

I was always a bit different, shy, quiet. I read books like no one else I knew. I loved clothes and had a mom who also loved clothes. So shopping was always happening. Sure, sometimes, being shy, made me feel on the outside of things, but that was my own doing and I loved my life growing up.

What bothers me so much these days, is the bullying of those who show any little bit of difference from the “norm.” Oh god, I hate that word. Who wants to be normal?

Different, in all its forms, should be celebrated. It’s what makes the world work.

I mean if we didn’t have different, would Steve Jobs have created Apple?

If we didn’t have unique, would the fashion industry even exist? Think about it. Christian Lacroix, Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Armani.

If different didn’t exist what about art? Andy Warhol, Monet, Degas, Jackson Pollock.

And where would all the Indie Makers, Designers and artists be? Think about it, have you ever been to an event where crafters are showing their work? They are all individuals creating their very own works of art or unique items.

After my cancer diagnosis, things really came into perspective. I just didn’t care what other people thought, not even a little bit. Why should I?

Be Yourself Unicorn hair

What matters is we are comfortable in our own skin and if we aren’t then we should do something about it. We shouldn’t wear this or look like this because Jen from down the street is doing it.

I can’t say it enough, be you! Love yourself for who you are. Change the things YOU want to change, not what someone else says you should (except your doctors, they kind of know what they are doing! LOL).

Wear what you want to wear, choose your hair color, because you can, act (within the confines of the law) the way you want, live the way you want.

Be the star of your own show.

Be an individual!


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