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Stori Nagel of Haus of Volta Tells Us About Her and Her Inspiration for the Charity T-Shirt

Ok, so here’s a quick interview with Stori Nagel of Haus of Volta, the artist behind the newest image for the HKelly designs Charity T-shirt benefiting Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

I’m also excited to announce, this year there will be two styles of t-shirt. First is the slim fit v-neck, which is similar to the past 2 years and second is the unisex style, for those not comfortable with the slimmer fit or who want a great night shirt!

4thcharity tshirt for Living Beyond Breast Cancer by Stori Nagel          unisex tshirt haus of volta breast cancer charity

So without further ado, let’s talk to Stori!!!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 43 year old mother of three teenagers (pray for me) Married to my high school sweetheart for the last 22 years. We live in Riverside County California with our two giant black rescue dogs and two rescue pigs. Where we like to spend our free time at car shows and scavenging estate sales.

2. Tell us a little about Haus of Volta.

Haus of Volta was something before it was anything. My husband had it pinstriped all over our vehicles while I was in treatment. It wasn’t until I spent time with other breast cancer patients, that I really knew what Haus of Volta needed to be. It needed to help people love their bodies after diagnosis. With a background in fashion design, love of pinups, and a mutual love of old hot rods, my husband and I began photographing breast cancer survivors. We started out with calendars, and have blossomed into research on Cannabis and cancer, exercise and ptsd , and sexuality after treatment. I never set parameters for what Haus of Volta was going to be, and that has allowed it to begin to fill the holes left in the care of young people diagnosed with breast cancer nationwide.

3. What was the inspiration behind the t-shirt design?

The inspiration behind my t shirt design comes from my love of street art. Untrained artists compelled to make art, and share it without compensation. I have done street art over the years and also collected it. She is the girl, who walks to her own beat, creates her own future, and rocks her HKelly designs’ clutch!

Stori Nagel and pose for HKelly designs 4th charity tshirt
4. Has anything good come out of you having breast cancer?

It’s good to be broken, to be able to really see what is important. I loathed my body from the age I started to develop, I could see it was not the same as my peers. So I began to try to destroy it, because I hated it. Fighting breast cancer & getting a radical double mastectomy MADE me finally appreciate my body’s worth, and my worth. Both as a human being and as an advocate for change.

5. What would you tell someone who is facing a life altering event?

This is YOUR TIME, as they say in The Goonies movie, YOUR TIME. No one has the right to tell you how their great aunt handled breast cancer, or how you get a free boob job. Just politely say ” This is my time to heal, don’t burden me with other people’s antidotes”.

6. Do you have a favorite quote?
“A little too much is just enough for me.”- Jean Cocteau

Well, I can’t thank Stori enough for her amazing design and for sharing her story with us! Stori, I am so happy to call you a friend and a sister! XOXO!!

Don’t forget to pre-order your t-shirt today! Let’s make lots of money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer!


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