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The 4th Annual Charity T-Shirt to Benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer

I’m so excited to announce the 4th annual charity t-shirt! This year all proceeds will be going to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an amazing charity based in Philly but helps out people with breast cancer throughout the country! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the people that work with this organization and have even  done an event for them.

Pre- order yours today by clicking here. As always you will receive your tee by October, in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I will be taking pre-orders until August 27th. (If you have ordered in the past, this year’s tee is slightly different due to stock issues but still fits the same.)

4thcharity tshirt for Living Beyond Breast Cancer by Stori Nagel

This year’s t-shirt design was created by Stori Nagel, a breast cancer survivor and creator of Haus of Volta.

Haus of Volta is a collective designed to help ladies effected by breast cancer and other maladies feel beautiful in their bodies. Weather that be the scars of breast cancer treatment, a congenital birth defect or condition, scarring, weight insecurities, or botched corrective surgeries. We are here to help every woman love her body and feel comfortable in her skin no matter the situation. 

Beauty is not attained in perfection but rather in the confidence that comes from accepting the potential in what you have.”

I will be talking more with Stori in another blog post soon!

Not only did Stori create an amazing design for the t-shirt, but she took it to the next level and did a photo shoot with the image as inspiration! And she also got a photo of the Haus of Volta Team and Vintage car owner! I want to personally thank Stori for this amazing design and for the above and beyond cool images to go along with the art work.

So order your HKelly designs 4th Annual Charity T-shirt and help raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer!

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