Your #1 Tool For Your Closet

(Originally from 2/8/17)

Today, I’m lucky to have Jessica Maynard-Gilbert of Ava Grace Fashions guest post for me. She is all about scarves being the #1 tool in your closet. So without further ado, here is Jessica!

I am Jessica Gilbert, owner of Ava Grace FashionsAva Grace is all about comfortable, easy style. I also make shopping super easy with 3 ways to shop; with a store located in Ellicottville, NY, our website and via comments on our Facebook page posts and videos.

I have helped thousands of busy women up their style game with my style how-to videos. The number one video is how to wear your scarf as a VEST. So I believe the #1 tool for your closet is a SCARF or 4!

I talk a lot about scarves & here’s why:

  1. Color– whether it’s your favorite or a trending pantone color of the season. Scarves add color to your outfit in an easy way. A few scarves are also so much more AFFORDABLE than buying a whole new “in-season” wardrobe with the new greenery & paradise island featured for the Spring 2017 Pantone colors. You can take something that is basic & has been part of your wardrobe for several seasons and freshen it up with that colorful scarf.
  1. Personality– if you love animals, flowers, skulls, turtles, or rainbows there is a scarf out there for you! Let what you love & who you are shine in a classy way.
  2. Perfect Gift– let’s face it gift giving is stressful sometimes! I don’t want my super busy sister to have to return that sweater I gave her because it’s too big or God forbid too small. It gets embarrassing. Scarves are a safe bet gals. They fit & if your gift recipient isn’t sure how to wear scarves have them come check out the Scarf Tying Video Series on my site.
  3. Heidi here for one more fun idea for scarves,  tie one onto your handbag strap to create a funky look. This was the iconic look of Babe Paley done back in the 60’s & ’70’s but is still popular!

I can go on and on about why scarves are useful in your closet, these 3 (Heidi threw in an extra one!) reasons are just a start.

Please join me on our Facebook page and in the Private VIP Gals Facebook group! And grab the Free Scarf Tying Video Series too!

Jessica Maynard-Gilbert owner of Ava Grace Fashions

10 Washington St Ellicottville NY 14731 716-699-1105

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